The Three “Q’s” of Qu-Cork Flooring: Quick, Quiet, Quality

Quick cork quiz: what’s the scientific name for the cork oak tree? Quercus suber. How long does a single tree produce cork? 150 years. What are the three “q’s” of Qu-Cork flooring? Quick, Quiet, Quality. Congratulations, if you answered these questions correctly, you win the grand prize… our respect and admiration. The Qu-Cork “q’s” are important to know because Qu-Cork is rapidly becoming one of the industry’s most popular suppliers of top-quality, environmentally friendly cork flooring. So what do the three “q’s” mean anyway? Pay attention because cork class is now in session.

Qu-Cork Midnight Slate

Quick: Qu-Cork floors feature the unique UniClic glueless installation system which makes installation fast and easy. Planks and tiles feature interlocking edges that click together to form a secure, stable and durable connection. An entire floor can be clicked together precisely without the need for nails, staples or glue. Thanks to UniClic technology, a Qu-Cork floor is clearly one of the quickest flooring solutions available.


Qu-Cork Natural Burl Cherry Tones


Quiet: Cork flooring is inherently flexible and naturally porous which makes it an ideal sound insulator. Qu-Cork floors help reduce ambient noise, help eliminate echoes, and absorb loud bursts of sound to create a calmer aural environment. In this way, Qu-Cork flooring is ideal for families with small children, or for use in home theaters, recording studios, school classrooms, churches and many other sonically sensitive environments. Truly, you can “hear” how quiet a Qu-Cork floor is the moment you enter the room.


Qu-Cork Espresso Roast

Quality: Qu-Cork floors are made exclusively with Portuguese cork, harvested according to strict guidelines by farmers who’ve honed their techniques over a lifetime. Cork oak trees are not harmed during the harvest thanks to the expert care of the farmers. Cork is harvested from individual trees according to a nine-year cycle. This ensures the cork will be at the pinnacle of perfection when it is cut from the tree, and it allows the tree to regenerate in a healthy manner. Qu-Cork’s commitment to quality begins on the tree, and continues with the same devotion throughout the manufacturing process.

Qu-Cork Midnight Slate

Qu-Cork’s most popular collections like Natural Burl Cherry Tones, Espresso Roast, and Midnight Slate each reflect all three of the “q’s” in their own unique ways. If you’d like to see Qu-Cork flooring products first hand, be sure to visit a local retailer. Then, if you’d like a quote on your own particular project, please give us a call anytime at 866-705-1340. Thanks for taking the cork quiz, and good luck with your project!

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